How To Care For Your Teeth During Holiday Seasons

During the holiday season, we tend to eat more fatty foods and sugars to celebrate with our family and friends. The only problem is, our teeth get dirty because of it. So how do you keep your teeth healthy during the holiday season?

Luckily, there are many options you have to keep your oral health up even during the holiday season. Some of those options include: drinking plenty of water daily, scheduling a post-holiday dental checkup, not using your teeth as present openers, choosing light-colored or clear beverages, and packing teeth cleaning kits when you go to parties.

The rest of this article will cover how to keep your teeth clean during the holidays, what foods to eat, and what foods to avoid.

Drinking water is an amazing benefit to your health, both physically and orally. Water keeps you hydrated and energized throughout the day. As for your teeth, water helps keep your breath fresh, and it cleans out any new bacteria hiding in your teeth.

Scheduling a post-holiday checkup may sound like a chore, but after all the sweets you ate, it’s a great idea to schedule one just in case. The good news is that everyone else thinks the same thing, so there’s going to be plenty of openings at your local dentist.

For the long term, scheduling an appointment will keep your teeth clean and lower your chances of cavities throughout the start of the year. This is especially helpful if you’re skipping out on flossing and brushing your teeth as often as you normally do.

One of the worst things you can do for your teeth is use them to open items. If you use them once or twice, it’s not a big deal, but don’t use them consistently since that will damage your oral health. This will lead to cracks and breakages, meaning your teeth will need expensive care.

Choosing light-colored or clear beverages keeps your teeth in good color. Darker drinks, such as red wines, stain your teeth. Drinking clear or light-colored wines is a good alternative to the dark-colored ones that stain your teeth.

Bringing a teeth cleaning kit to a party sounds tedious, but it helps in the long run. Cleaning your teeth after eating lots of sweets combats your risk of cavities. It also helps you remember to clean your teeth in a time where you aren’t too worried about it.

What Foods To Eat During The Holidays

Of course, feel free to have cheat days and enjoy yourself. That’s part of the holiday fun! Food is extremely important and a way of sharing love, culture, and memories with one another. However, there are better foods to eat than others that still have that impact.

You can and should still eat foods that are tasty to you even if they’re not the typical healthy choice. What you can do to eat those foods and stay orally healthy is have a balance. For example, balance out those unhealthy foods with fruits.

Keep up your oral and physical health by eating fruits and vegetables. Carrots are an especially good choice for this. Another good choice is whole grains. All of these options are great for your teeth, and when you balance them in with the more unhealthy foods, they help your teeth.

Although this may sound strange, chewing cinnamon gum is very helpful to improve your oral hygiene. For starters, cinnamon as a flavor helps your breath remain fresh for a long while, even if you chew the gum after eating foods like garlic, which are bad for your breath.

The oral benefits for cinnamon gum go beyond good breath. The cinnamaldehyde ingredient in cinnamon gum combats harmful bacteria and lowers your risk of cavities. So in between meals and tooth brushes, cinnamon gum is a great way to keep your teeth healthy.

What Foods To Avoid During The Holidays

Having cheat days is more than fine, but try to avoid eating too much of the foods that harm your teeth. One of these foods is, unfortunately, candy canes. They’re sticky, hard, and get stuck in between your teeth. This causes an increased risk of cavities, and it’s hard to get out.

A lot of traditional holiday foods other than candy canes are actually bad for the teeth. Chestnuts are an example, and so are soft mint chews. Ice cubes are eaten by many all year round, but did you know they’re actually bad for your oral health?

The reason that ice cubes aren’t good for you is similar to opening presents and items with your teeth. Ice cubes are hard substances that can damage your teeth, even potentially cracking them and causing breakages. As tempting as they are, try not to chew on them.

To ensure you won’t break your teeth or cause cavities, do your best to at least limit how much of these holiday treats you consume. And also use the tips above to improve your oral health when you are diving into the glories of the holiday foods.

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